About Us

Zai veterinary Centre, also Zai agro dealers is a private owned business registered in the United Republic of Tanzania, mainly we deal with distribution of all livestock and agricultural inputs, livestock equipments, agricultural equipments but also we provide education to farmers so as to improve production for the purpose of increasing income and alleviating poverty and hunger too.

Available Products

Layers mash

Normally when you feed well prepared feed like ours for your layers you will experience good laying percentage but also you will be getting quality eggs due to well balanced feed.

Chick Starter

We recommend farmers to use zai chick mash so as to facilitate fast growth for their chick due to good composition of feed for chicks.All essential feed ingredients for chicks have been considered.

Other Products in Zai AgroVet Shop.


ZAI vet centre is headed by Director by name Israel A. Mwalyaje, qualification wise has Diploma in Animal production (LITI-TENGERU, TANZANIA, BSc. in Animal Science (SOKOINE UNIVERSITY, MOROGORO, TANZANIA, Master of Science in Agricultural Education and Extension.

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